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We are, by nature, a modest people; we've done little to move our cultural identity beyond the clichés about us. Yet, throughout the history of print and, later, graphic design, we've amassed a formidable body of work: elegant to quirky and playful, edgy and modern to gloriously antiquarian. Here I'll be promoting and archiving historical and current work that is proudly and distinctly Belgian. Enjoy! Follow The Belgian Graphic Design Stream via RSS

Concerts de Midi

Concerts de Midi by Nena Driehuijzen, 2013

Concerts De Midi poster.

Source: Nena Driehuijzen


amelonaday by Sammy Slabbinck, 2014

Great concept.

Source: Sammy Slabbinck

Joost Arijs II

Joost Arijs II by Chilli, 2012

Yummy things!

Source: Chilli

Seizoensbrochure 2012-2013

Seizoensbrochure 2012-2013 by Trui Chielens, 2012

Cover seizoensbrochure 2012-2013.

Source: Trui Chielens

Buscemi - Sol Y Suave

Buscemi - Sol Y Suave by Onno Hesselink, 2014

Cover for Buscemi’s Sol Y Suave.

Source: Onno Hesselink

Anto Carte

Anto Carte by Anto Carte, 1923

Marins regardant la mer.

Source: Low country

Sebastiaan Van Doninck - De Morgen

Sebastiaan Van Doninck - De Morgen by Sebastiaan Van Doninck, 2014

Beautiful illustration by Sebastiaan Van Doninck for the re-designed Belgian newspaper ‘De Morgen’.

Source: De Morgen


Knuffels by Wim Bruyninckx, 2011

Pencil + Collage + Computer = Knuffels

Source: Wim Bruyninckx

Festival Van Vlaanderen Gent

Festival Van Vlaanderen Gent by RikGrafiek, 2014

A rejected proposal for ‘Festival Van Vlaanderen Gent’.

Source: RikGrafiek

Unbreakable exhibition

Unbreakable exhibition by Fatinha Ramos, 2014

Illustration pick from the personal projects of Antwerp based Fatinha Ramos.

Source: Fatinha Ramos

The New York Times Sunday Review II

The New York Times Sunday Review II by Pieter Van Eenoge, 2014

Cover and spot illustration for The New York Times Sunday Review.

Source: Pieter Van Eenoge

American Friday

American Friday by Nena Driehuijzen, 2014

An American styled birthday invitation.

Source: Nena Driehuijzen

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