Belgian Graphic Design

We are, by nature, a modest people; we've done little to move our cultural identity beyond the clichés about us. Yet, throughout the history of print and, later, graphic design, we've amassed a formidable body of work: elegant to quirky and playful, edgy and modern to gloriously antiquarian. Here I'll be promoting and archiving historical and current work that is proudly and distinctly Belgian. Enjoy! Follow The Belgian Graphic Design Stream via RSS

Fox hunting

Fox hunting by Pieter Van Eenoge, 2014

Departures (USA) - Fox hunting.

Source: Pieter Van Eenoge

Het nieuw samengesteld gezin

Het nieuw samengesteld gezin by Gudrun Makelberge, 2013

Editorial illustration.

Source: Gudrun Makelberge

The smartest house on earth

The smartest house on earth by Sarah Vanbelle, 2014

Illustration about the Internet Of Things for Knack Weekend Black Design.

Source: Sarah Vanbelle

Independent with no income

Independent with no income by Pieter Van Eenoge, 2014

Illustration for the “De Tijd” by Pieter.

Source: Pieter Van Eenoge

Schweppes 230th Anniversary

Schweppes 230th Anniversary by French Toast, 2013

Liking this case study.

Source: French Toast


Lighthouse by Mathieu De Steur, 2014

Just one of the collection. Different lighthouses in different colours.

Source: Mathieu De Steur

Birth card characters

Birth card characters by Astrid Yskout, 2013

So cute!

Source: Astrid Yskout


Terrain by Kolchoz, 2014

For ‘Werchter, Rock after 1975’ published by Manteau.

Source: Kolchoz

Mosaert “Capsule n°2”

Mosaert “Capsule n°2” by boldatwork ., 2014

Lovely work and pattern design.

Source: boldatwork .

Beer project

Beer project by Olivier Rensonnet, 2013

Beer Project identity.

Source: Olivier Rensonnet

New Year’s Letters

New Year’s Letters by Jacques & Lise, 2014

Lovely design of a New Year’s letter. It’s a Belgian tradition for kids to write a letter with best wishes to their family in the upcoming year. It is read aloud on the first day of January.

Source: Jacques & Lise


Voedsel by Eva Mundorff, 2014

Magazine illustration.

Source: Eva Mundorff

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