Belgian Graphic Design

We are, by nature, a modest people; we've done little to move our cultural identity beyond the clichés about us. Yet, throughout the history of print and, later, graphic design, we've amassed a formidable body of work: elegant to quirky and playful, edgy and modern to gloriously antiquarian. Here I'll be promoting and archiving historical and current work that is proudly and distinctly Belgian. Enjoy! Follow The Belgian Graphic Design Stream via RSS


Erfgoeddag by Frederik Van Den Stock, 2013

A series of illustrations made for a booklet of ‘Erfgoeddag 2014’. The others can be seen here.

Source: Frederik Van Den Stock

La Boîte

La Boîte by Guillaumit, 2013

Just lovely.

Source: Guillaumit


Borderline by Karolien Pauly, 2011

Identity for the Cumulus Congress Borderline.

Source: Karolien Pauly


Alphabet by Karolien Pauly, 2011

Love the G and S.

Source: Karolien Pauly

De Rode Duivels

De Rode Duivels by houtkaai zeven, 2013

Beautiful editorial design again by Tim. The Red Devils book is for sale at kannibaal.

Source: houtkaai zeven

Cycle School

Cycle School by Sarah Vanbelle, 2012

Illustration for a poster for “Huis Van Het Nederlands” (House of Dutch). One of ten activities in Antwerp where people can practice their Dutch and meet new people.

Source: Sarah Vanbelle


Pancakes by Astrid Yskout, 2012

Illustration with a pancake recipe.

Source: Astrid Yskout

The Subs

The Subs by Uber and Kosher, 2013

Record sleeve for The Subs.

Source: Uber and Kosher

Oxherding 3

Oxherding 3 by Khuan Cavemen Co., 2013

Catching a first glimpse of the ox.

Source: Khuan Cavemen Co.

Birth card Stig

Birth card Stig by Studio ZWAM, 2013

Birth card for Stig. First son of Dries and Kristien.

Source: Studio ZWAM

International Etiquette

International Etiquette by Khuan Cavemen Co., 2013

illustrations for A.S.Adventure magazine.

Source: Khuan Cavemen Co.

Birth card Billie

Birth card Billie by Studio ZWAM, 2013

Birth card for Bram’s new born daughter.

Source: Studio ZWAM

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