Belgian Graphic Design

We are, by nature, a modest people; we've done little to move our cultural identity beyond the clichés about us. Yet, throughout the history of print and, later, graphic design, we've amassed a formidable body of work: elegant to quirky and playful, edgy and modern to gloriously antiquarian. Here I'll be promoting and archiving historical and current work that is proudly and distinctly Belgian. Enjoy! Follow The Belgian Graphic Design Stream via RSS

Buck Rogers

Buck Rogers by Laurent Durieux, 2013

One of a series of pretty nicely illustrated posters.

Source: Laurent Durieux

A Musical Banquet

A Musical Banquet by Brun Croes, 2013

Very unique style.

Source: Brun Croes

Bicycling Postcard

Bicycling Postcard by Mathieu De Steur, 2014

The mighty bicycle…

Source: Mathieu De Steur

Spacewalking the dog

Spacewalking the dog by Mathieu De Steur, 2014

Adorable style.

Source: Mathieu De Steur

Jacques Maes - Illustration

Jacques Maes - Illustration by Jacques & Lise, 2013

Funny and clever!

Source: Jacques & Lise

The birth of Pepijn

The birth of Pepijn by Jacques & Lise, 2014

Lovely birth announcement.

Source: Jacques & Lise

Museum of fine arts

Museum of fine arts by Coming Soon, 2013

Event branding for a retrospective exhibition of Belgian modernism.

Source: Coming Soon

Koesteren in Oostende

Koesteren in Oostende by Olivier Rensonnet, 2011

Inspiring identity work.

Source: Olivier Rensonnet


Polygon.seg02 by Jean-Michel Verbeeck, 2011

Experimental work with polygon shapes.

Source: Jean-Michel Verbeeck

Poppen aan zee

Poppen aan zee by Stijn Felix, 2013

Lovely poster for ‘Poppen aan zee’ translated puppets at sea.

Source: Stijn Felix


Kimiaf by Wouter De Boeck, 2013

Flyer and campaign image for the Kimiaf Night, a fund-raising event for their projects in Burkina Faso and Rwanda.

Source: Wouter De Boeck

Custom recipe typography

Custom recipe typography by laurens groven, 2014

Getting hungry just by looking at this tasty typography.

Source: laurens groven

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